Matchbox Ambassador Update: Matchbox at SEMA…

Fellow collectors, I wanted to drop a few details that came my way tonight from the Matchbox team regarding the Matchbox presence at SEMA.  Matchbox is in fact there this year, although to a much lesser extent than Hot Wheels and their two Camaros.

If you recall, Matchbox has worked with Superlift over the last couple of years to produce two 1:1 vehicles, which were then replicated in 1:64.  In 2010, it was the Jeep Superlift, and last year the Ford F-350 Superlift Brush Truck.  Replicas of both were released in the 2012 mainline, and a special SEMA-only exclusive of the Ford was distributed to show attendees last year:

Well both are back this year.  The Ford F-350 is on display in the same deco as last year, but the Jeep has reemerged with an entirely new wrap.  It has been made to resemble the deco on the 2013 60th Anniversary Series version of the Jeep that was previewed in a previous Ambassador report:

There are some obvious differences, but in general the deco is the same.  And I am happy to note that the 1:1 version has the 60th Anniversary logo incorporated, just like the models in the special line.  Those of you who expressed frustration with that aspect of the line can at least be happy that there is one real car out there with the logo.  I hope it appeases your dread just a little…

If any of you are attending SEMA and get a shot or two of the Superlift trucks, send them my way at and we will be happy to show them here.

I hope to have another full Ambassador report in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.  And of course, if you have any productive questions you would like me to pass on to the Mattel team, send them my way at  Please do not contact the Mattel team directly.

Thanks everyone…

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  1. So I've never seen that F350 brush truck before. What releases of it are there? It seems to be a pretty cool casting.


  2. So for the 60th Anniversary of Matchbox they use a Jeep? Not a Land Rover? This is an absolute insult to the British heritage of the brand.Why not just change the name to Adventure Wheels or something if they are just going to piss over the heritage and history of Matchbox.

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