First Look: 2013 Hot Wheels Special Edition Chevy Camaro (and a few comparisons)…

There has just a bit of talk about the first 1:1 Hot Wheels production vehicle.  Personally I was hoping it would be the Mad Manga, but I guess a Camaro is ok.

I have a few friends at SEMA, and maybe one will return with the Special Edition Camaro they are giving away there (the 1:64, not the 1:1) so I can show it off here.  But from what I have seen, the only differences are a few more tampos and true spectraflame paint.

This project obviously was born from the green spectraflame Camaro we saw at SEMA last year, and I love the idea of the Special Edition.  And it makes this new casting, which is essentially the ZL1 casting with the ZL1 trim removed, make a whole lot of sense.

The ZL1 has been my favorite Hot Wheels version of the current Camaro, mainly because of its stance and angry face, so this new Camaro easily becomes #2 with its similar looks.  I don’t know what the future of the model is (will the 1:1 be offered in other colors?), but I will happily add it to the collection.

And a couple of cool details.  The center stripe is nicely detailed with gloss black surrounded by matte black (I don’t know how well that comes off in the photos), and if you look closely you will see the ghost pinstripe on each side.  A very cool detail.

Is this a little redundant?  Of course.  But based on what it represents, this is a great New Model, and a significant addition to the plethora of Hot Wheels Camaro castings castings…

Hot Wheel 2013 Special Edition Chevy Camaro (2013 New Models):

And because you asked, some comparison pics:
Camaro Concept

2010 Camaro SS

Camaro ZL1

More closeups with the ZL1

And its SEMA counterpart

4 Replies to “First Look: 2013 Hot Wheels Special Edition Chevy Camaro (and a few comparisons)…”

  1. I know a guy who's such a Hot Wheels dweeb that he's looking into buying one, for real. And then driving the everloving piss out of it.

  2. I believe it is a retooled 10 Camaro SS to use the same interior piece as the ZL1, and be able to change the grille. If you see the front lower grille base is solid and painted, unlike the ZL1's which is part of the base. Also the lower driving lights are single lights instead of the inset double of the ZL1's. New Camaro's are my thing, they rock!


  3. is it me or does the SEMA spectraflame green car look like it has a headlight error?
    shouldn't the glass element be swooping down with the rounded part pointing downward giving the “low brow” look versus pointing upward giving the car a HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY look?

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