First Look: Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS in blue (and all the DBS wheel varis)…

There are general patterns that have emerged here at the Lamley Group.  I am sure regular readers can see them.  I don’t do the older stuff.  There are plenty that do, and I hope to get them to contribute some knowledge to the blog in the future.  Other trends?  I can’t go too long without talking Japanese cars (it is taking a ton of strength to not ignore everything else and show the new AE86) or Matchbox, and supercar and sports car models get plenty of attention.

Those details generally reflect the actual Lamley collection, but there is one aspect of the collection I haven’t spent a lot of time on in the blog:

I love Aston Martins, and I love the DBS, and I love Hot Wheels’ version especially.  It was the Aston’s release in 2010 that pretty much opened a floodgate when it came to collecting the blue brand.  I could see that modern cars could get as much love as classics and muscle, and could look really good.  The 2010 New Model in glossy silver continues to be one of my all-time favorite Hot Wheels models.

So out came this amazing Aston, done so well with a nice low wide stance, and then it took a year off.  I spent 2011 waiting for the planned Speed Machines version that never happened, and finally in 2012 the DBS came back.  With a vengeance, I might add.  Two colors, but a total of five wheel variations, which we highlight below.  Couple that with the 2010 PR5 wheel variation, and the model has more than made up for its 2011 absence.

And now it is back in 2013, looking stellar in blue.  In fact, I would say this is the best color on this model since its debut in silver.  I still hope to see one in straight black, and maybe one with plain black 10sp wheels, but I am more than happy with this rich blue version…

Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS (2013 Basic Range):

The two PR5s:

The 4 colors:

The wheel variations:


10sp (found in Target Valentine Packs):

Chrome trap5 and 10sp (both found in multipacks.  10sp is much harder to find):

9 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS in blue (and all the DBS wheel varis)…”

  1. If a model can at all feel luxurious, then the 2010 DBS in silver is the one, the look – the stance, the weight, the way it rolls gracefully without that hollow plastic resonance sound – it just looks and feels expensive. At 1/64 – this is quite remarkable.

  2. I think that the debut version still looks the best. It has the best color ever given to an Aston and the red interior looks like nothing can beat it. It gives it an exotic feel and that coupled with the close to stock looking 10sp wheels and I can see why this is one of your favorite HW casting. And second place goes to this new one in blue. Looks so steller!. Two of the best colors on one of the best Astons. Amazing!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  3. Those are my favourite models from Hot Wheels along the '11 grand sport Corvette and the '09 Corvette Zr1.

    I have 2 silver models, 2 red models, and a green/ teal one.

    Glad that for 2013 Hot Wheels ditched those hideous FTE2 wheels…

    I've yet to find the blue version, the 2013 models havent arrived to Venezuela

  4. BTW, the matchbox version of the Aston Martin Volante is quite impressive too. I am very pleased that matchbox didn't do a huge version of it as they sometimes do, compare a ZR1 Corvette from Matchbox with a Hot Wheels ZR1 Corvette, the Matchbox is 1:60 and looks huge compared to the HW.

    The Volante is a nice addition to an Aston Martin collector.

  5. The silver DBS w/10sp's although not quite as RARE as the pr5 model, looks way better. The 10sp's accentuate the lines of the silver Aston. Don't get me wrong but the pr5's are way awesome, but not enough for the DBS, or any Aston Martin for that matter. The Speed Machines version of the V8 Vantage is a nice alternative to the DBS, considering the DBS does not exist in the Speed Machines line up.

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