First Look: Hot Wheels ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser…

Well, maybe not a First Look per say…

The ’55 Gasser has garnered a great deal of attention, and since it has been out in Canada for a couple of weeks, and the big hands videos have been unboxing it as well, this is surely not the first time most of you have seen this model.  But alas, we like to throw the new stuff into the mini Lamley studio and give it a good look.

And it looks good.

You have to know that is saying a ton coming from this end.  While I appreciate cars from the ’50’s and before, and surely have some faves, this is an era of the automobile that does little to grab my attention. And then when said old car is given that hot rod or drag racing treatment, I even tune out more.  My guess is the deeper I dive into car culture, the greater my appreciation for cars like this will become, so I will let you know when I get there.

I am not there yet, but this may be the model to open those doors that I might or might not go through.  I can see why so many Hot Wheels collectors are going nuts over it.  Obviously it starts with the casting, with its exhaust pipes in the fender well, and high front suspension, but I think what makes it great is the matte grey paint and deco.  It appears to be loosely based on the Blair’s 55 Gasser, and maybe there is a story behind that.  Nonetheless, it is a perfect color and deco for the debut.  I don’t know if I will collect more versions of this model, but I am happy to have this one.

And yes, it looks good in the Lamley studio…

(Want to start a collection?  Go see what Hot Wheels Gassers are out there…)

Hot Wheels ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (2013 New Models):

Two over-the-top Chevys that I should have no business collecting, yet are two of my favorite new models of the past couple of months.  What is happening to me?

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