The Award-Winning Customs of Daniel Hew, aka danielmodelmeister…

I have to say, one of the developments of the Lamley Group blog that I am most happy with is the amount of customs that we get to feature.  We have essentially dedicated the weekends to customs, and it seems the Lamley mailbox is getting stuffed with submissions every week.  It is to the point now that we have to sit down like magazine editors and filter through all the work and decide what to feature.

The stuff we get is fantastic, and as I have always said, it does not always have to be about who has the highest level of skill.  Sometimes a simple wheel swap can change the entire feel for a model.  Other times, the idea is fantastic, and the execution still a work in progress.  Those models still should get featured as far as I am concerned.

But then there are those whose talent is on a level unmatched by most.  And we like to dedicate entire features to their work, and hopefully convince them to regularly contribute to Lamley.  Names like Scale-Master, Franklin2700, Lim Rikmun, and fiery Tim Phelps hopefully become mainstays here.  And there are many other names out there that might get a contributor invitation as well.  Stay tuned…

Today we add another name to the contributor list.  Daniel Hew of Malaysia has been featured several times in our “As is the Custom” post, but it is time for him to get his own.  I asked Daniel to pick a few of his pieces for show and tell, and he decided to start with some of award-winners.  Look for more contributions from Daniel in the future.


I’m Daniel Hew or known as danielhmodelmeister. I started these customizing hobby back in 2009 as a past time hobby.  Wheels swapped, color resprayed and simple custom was in the beginning and goes on all the way until today.
Here are my latest work, recently won 1st place in custom competition (FB MonkeyDust Rustom Contest Group) in the month of September 2012: 

Hotwheels Custom RatShaker
The casting are combination of Hotwheels Ratbomb, T-Bucket, Bone Shaker and Brutalistic. Custom hinges and openable gull wing doors are scratch built.

Others custom winning entries as below:
1st place in Creepsterz custom competition in the month of August 2012. 
Hotwheels Custom 55 Chevy Snake Drag Panel

3rd place in Creepsterz custom competition in the month of July:
Hotwheels Custom 8 Crate Penzzoil Tanker

1st place in Creepsterz custom competition in the month of June 2012: 
Hotwheels Custom SuperVan

1st place in Creepsterz custom competition in the month of February 2012: 
Hotwheels Custom Brasilia Toyo Racer

1st place in Creepsterz custom competition in the month of January 2012: 
Hotwheels “Battle Of The Bone Shaker”

2nd place in  Creepsterz custom competition in the month of December 2011: 
Hotwheels Custom DragBus Hauler

2nd place in Creepsterz custom competition in the month of November 2011: 
Hotwheels Custom Surfcrates

These are the results of my custom works for the past 10 months in the participating of international custom competition. 

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