As is the Custom: My Faves for the Week ending 10/27/2012…

They keep on coming.

Remember, if you want to join in, send photos to

On with it:

Once again, Scale-Master takes the cake as Custom of the Week, with yet another stunning Skyline, commissioned by Ricky Silverio:

Read about the whole process of the build here:

Scale-Master decal how-to.

On to the others that caught my fancy:

AOS – gtplanet

cano – gtplanet

cuztomvette – HWC

Scale-Master again…

Anhminh To

Bruno Almeida – (Brazil-only VW Gol)

mohammad raimiey – Malaysia

Ricky2400 – Hobbytalk

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  1. Essentially the same, Kurt. I used the wheels from the teal Studebaker Champ. I'm guessing you used the yellow Studebaker's. Only the text colour on the tire differentiates the two.

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