Models of the Day: Hot Wheels Speed Machines Lamborghini Reventon & Reventon Roadster…

Into the collection we dive, swimming about the multitude of wheels and rides, and we emerge with a small yet stunning 3-car set.

The Speed Machines line was WAY too short-lived.  It did not sell like Mattel wanted it to, and on to the scrapheap it went.  In that scrapheap are two models that I still wish I could see: a Ferrari 458 Italia in black, and an Aston Martin DBS.  A what-could-have-been duo to say that least.

Thankfully a few models did escape that horrid fate by sneaking into the final Speed Machines batch.  That last batch, found in a few international markets, as well as O’Reilly’s Auto Parts Stores in the US, was a doozy.  Two Lambos, a few Ferraris, as well as a ton more.  It was just not that easy to find.  And one model in particular was nearly impossible to find, at least in the US.

So about a year ago I utilized some overseas contacts to acquire that elusive model, and it is time to show it off alongside its hardtop counterparts.

First, the hardtop duo.  The Lamborghini Reventon came in two colors, and the black especially remains a difficult model to find.  Although the green version is definitely sharp, the black is wickedly menacing in its flat black attire, finished off with black wheels and a “Walking Dead” weapon pinstripe in white.  Just mean.

But both take a backseat to that rare model I was referring to earlier.  I just plain love the Roadster, and it will not look better than this version in blue, complete with side stripes that perfectly highlight the shape of the car.  In fact, it makes the car meant to mimic a jet fighter look just a bit more sexy.  This model is a beauty.

If you missed out on the Speed Machines, I feel for you.  It is one of the best collectible lines Hot Wheels has ever done.  I hope they revisit it again someday…

(Start or complete your Speed Machines collection here before they are long gone…)

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Reventon (Speed Machines versions in black and recolored in green):

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Reventon Roadster (Speed Machines in blue):

6 Replies to “Models of the Day: Hot Wheels Speed Machines Lamborghini Reventon & Reventon Roadster…”

  1. Its funny how it works out sometimes, as a European I often look at the US models in your blog knowing that if I am not lucky on my next trip to the US, I'll probably never find them in store in Europe…With the Speed Machines it was sort of the other way around – they were heavily distributed in Europe and the final batch blue Reventon Roadster was a familiar sight on supermarket pegs for at least a year. That black was immpossible to find (ebay to the rescue), but the green version and the roadster were widely available. By the way, if anyone is still looking for Speed Machines – many Swiss toy shops still stock them at original retail price (CHF 6,90) and yes – they've had them on their shelves since 2010….

  2. Glad that I found your blog. I have many speed machines that I collected when they were released including that rare black lamborghini reventon that you speak of. I have considered selling it on ebay as I could use some extra cash & I have seen the price near $100 but its tough for me to part with this beauty. I am bummed that at the time of purchase I opened the burgandy mitsubish rally car as I have seen the price go big. Any suggestions on what I should do with the Lambo or maybe I will hold on to it for a few more years. Great blog once again.

  3. That is a hard call. I don't know if it will increase in value or not. If you need the money, you will obviously make a bit putting it on ebay, but yeah you could regret it later. If you want to email me a list of what Speed Machines you have please feel free.

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