Models of the Day: Kyosho Lexus LFA & Toyota 86 in silver…

Let’s see, we have done Matchbox Ambassador reports, a million looks at Hot Wheels, votes for the Lamley Hot Wheels awards, and one lousy look at an absolutely stunning Tomica last week.

So while you all continue to vote on your favorite 2012 Hot Wheels, let’s take a break from the Mattel brands, and JDM, and let’s looks at some VERY current Japanese speedsters.  And let’s look at them as done by Kyosho, who hardly ever swing and miss.

Both of these are promo models.  The Lexus came with a special Japanese DVD and brochure about the car (why don’t all car dealers give away a 1:64 model of a car with a brochure?  Why!!?!!), and the silver 86 is a promo model without a known purpose.  It is not part of the 3-car dealer set, nor is it part of the 3-car convenience store set.  But it exists, and I have one, and I like it.

I have seen several folks comment on how much they would love to see the LFA and 86/FR-S/BRZ in the Hot Wheels line.  Count me as one as well.  BUT…look at these two.  Yeah, you won’t put them down the track, but they sure look good in a display case.  The detail is impeccable, the wheels highly-detailed, and the proportions perfect.  I hope Kyosho tries to create a bigger presence in the US for their 1:64 line.  Heaven knows I am sure trying to promote the brand here…

For the time being, head to DMC or ebay to find the latest.  They do…not…disappoint…

Kyosho Lexus LFA (DVD promo):

Kyosho Toyota 86 in silver:

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