As is the Custom: My Faves for the Week Ending Oct 12, 2012…

For all of you submitting pics, many thanks!  We are getting more and more submissions each week, and it has made this weekly feature better and better.  Keep them coming, and there is a good chance you will see them at some point on the blog…

Remember, send them to or submit them on the Lamley Facebook page.

On with it:

We start with what may be my favorite custom, and a clear choice for the Custom of the Week (Year).  I have waited to feature this since I saw it in person at JCCS, but I promised to wait until it got its proper coverage over at Japanese Nostalgic Car.  Check out this mind-blowing ’72 Skyline GT-R Show Car done by our regular Lamley contributor, Mark Jones (aka Scale-Master):

Mark did an entire write-up on the Skyline on JNC, and I highly recommend you give it a read

The other great customs I discovered this week:

exxon187 – submission to Lamley.  I absolutely love this one as well.  Really clean, and really sharp.

Andrew Annandale – submission

Bruno Almeida – submission

A regular here, Dias Customs – submission

mad-mike – HWC

Jamdiggity – HWC
hwferrari-430 – HWC
old_skool_sr – Swifty’s Garage

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