Matchbox Monday: New Case Subscriptions and "One of Each" service from MVE Collectibles…

Here at Lamley we are very thankful for our partners who help us keep the content as fresh and interesting as it can be.  And when we can support them we jump at the chance.

As you know MVE Collectibles has been the Matchbox Monday sponsor for the last couple of months.  Tim offers the latest Matchbox, M2, Johnny Lightning, and Hot Wheels, as well as older models that a little harder to come by.  If you haven’t checked out his store, I suggest you do.

Tim contacted me this weekend to let me know of an exciting new service.  MVE Collectibles is now offering case subscriptions, as well as a novel “One of Each” program.  I love the “One of Each” program, as many times you will buy a case and not know what to do with the extra models.  Here, you can get just one of each model, and not have to take out a storage unit just to house your extras.

From Tim:

With the new 2013 diecast series due out soon, MVE Collectibles is taking orders for case subscriptions or “one of each” (one copy of each vehicle release in a specific series) subscriptions.  Most Matchbox, Hot Wheels, M2, and Johnny Lightning releases are offered for either of these services.  If interested, contact Tim at MVE Collectibles at to inquire about the specific subscription service you require.

Email Tim or head over to his store to order your subscription.

Also, if you haven’t Liked the MVE Collectibles Facebook page, now is the time, because as soon as he hits 100 Likes, Tim will give away a Matchbox 55th Anniversary Set.  You don’t want to miss out.

Thanks Tim for all the support, and Lamley readers go check it out…

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