The Customs of Lim Rikmun: Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R…

We love customs here at the Lamley Group, and we like to dedicate the weekends to the art.  We will be seeing more work from contributors like Scale-Master, and look next week for our first feature from Tim Phelps, whose flame-painting can only be described as jaw-dropping.

Today we continue our look at the customs of Lim Rikmun from Malaysia.  I first learned of Rikmun’s work when I saw a photo of all of his Hot Wheels R34 Skylines bunched together.  I was amazed at how cool they looked.  I asked Rikmun if was willing to take separate pics of all of them, and he obliged.

He also gave us a short write-up on these, which I have interspersed with the photos.

Enjoy everyone, and thanks Rikmun!

Hot Wheels made the Nissan Skyline GTR casting a very successful one, so I decided to customize several versions.

My first customs I made are the Top Secret, Silver Nismo, and Gran Turismo GTR’s.  Because they were my first the quality is a bit lower:

I also love the GTR’s stock look, so I converted a couple to stock without the spoiler:

The GTR also looks awesome with widebody kits and extreme tuning like this group I did, including the Mines GTR, Advan GTR, yellow half-carbon GTR, and the Nismo GTR:

My latest GTR custom is the red version that resembles a Nismo R-Tune GTR:

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  1. Those are absolutely awesome! Really love the Gran. Tourismo one as the is the game that introduced me the the Skylines.

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