Complete First Look: Hot Wheels ’72 Gran Torino Sport Super Treasure Hunt & all its compatriots…

I probably don’t spend as much time as I should on muscle cars.  With all the Japanese and Supercar stuff that has hit my mailbox lately, plus the fact that Hot Wheels and Matchbox are releasing new batches at a rapid clip, I haven’t been able to dive into some of the American muscle I have in my collection.

But I warn.  It is not a ton.  At least in relation to what Hot Wheels has done over the years.  When I look at the Mopar, Fords, and Chevy muscle cars, there is not a lot there.  No Novas, a few Mustangs, a Barracuda or two.  A Challenger.  A Charger.  Maybe a Chevelle.  And smattering of others.  But it is growing.

Because Hot Wheels has done SO MANY muscle cars, they appear to be digging deeper into what is out there.  Now all of a sudden we are seeing Mustang concepts, the word “COPO” has appeared, the Road Race Camaro is in the collection after plain ignoring all other 70’s Camaro castings, and happily, the Torino has gotten a lot of play.  I like the off-kilter, and it appears that applies to muscle as well.

So speaking of the Torino, it does not get any better than the ’72 Gran Torino Sport.  Obviously made famous of late by our favorite chair-chatting actor/director, to me there is no greater collection of great American 70’s curves.  It starts with the rounded grill and moves all the way back.  It is just interesting to look at.  And when I normally would prefer the same size wheels all around, the large rear wheels bring out the menace a little more.  This is one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings, and surely my favorite classic American car casting (whether you consider it a muscle car or not).

If you haven’t gained an appreciation for this casting, maybe the photos will help.  Hot Wheels making it a Super Treasure Hunt probably helps a little as well.  If you don’t have all these versions, I would pick them up before they get too hard to find.

Hot Wheels ’72 Gran Torino Sport (2013 Super Treasure Hunt and Basic)


Super Treasure Hunt:

The Complete List:

2011 FE Green

2011 FE Red

2011 FE Blue

2012 Super Speeders Foil Pack (2010 recolor)

2012 Basic all-white rims

2012 Basic white-lipped rims

2012 Basic Yellow w/ J5s

2012 Basic Yellow w/ MC5s

2012 Basic Orange Walmart exclusive

2013 Basic Blue

2013 Super Treasure Hunt

And finally, as an ode to Clint, this all-small-wheel error I acquired just to have the movie version:

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