Model of the Day: Hot Wheels BMW 2002 (2013 release)…

Another model from the newest batch.  Looking at this version of the 2002, I would say that the only way this clean green version could be upstaged is if Mattel released a brand new JDM casting.  And of course they did.

2013 is very young, but can you beat this batch?  The Celica is introduced, the Mini Rally is fantastic, we get two stalwarts, the M3 and Carrera GT (I will show those shortly), and we also get two of my favorite HW classic car castings, the Gran Torino (which I will show tomorrow), and this splendid 2002.

I really liked the New Models version of the 2002.  Racing livery, and in two signature BMW colors, orange and white.  They were perfect new models.  But this green version may surpass both.  A clean design, a subtle sidestripe, and straight-up chrome rims.  Would I like front and rear tampos?  Sure, but their absence does not detract.  This model looks great.

And whenever I look at this model, I get a little happy about what we have seen from Mattel lately.  10 (even 5) years ago could we have predicted a 2002, two vintage Skylines, a 510, a Ford Falcon XB, a Gran Torino Sport, and on and on?  And we still get our Camaros, Mustangs, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis.  And from what I gather there is much more vintage goodness to come.  Hoard your cars, boys, because many more are coming to play…

Build that BMW collection:
Hot Wheels BMWs for sale…

Hot Wheels BMW 2002 (2013 HW Basic – Showroom):

Family portrait:

The two little green monsters in Batch A:

I had to include this Valentine version I found.  Or better, a Skyline wannabe with its own heart decal:

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