Model of the Day: XCO Models 1:64 Lexus GS450h Hybrid 2010 Macau Grand Prix Special Edition (and a special offer from Daboxtoys)…

The historic.  We collectors love the historic.  There are few collectors who can pass up a Hot Wheels Racing model sporting Richard Petty’s signature powder blue.  And good luck finding Hot Wheels’ version of John Morton’s Datsun 510 without paying a pretty penny.  These models get gobbled up.

But what about today’s cars that might be historic tomorrow?  Well, considering what I paid for two Kyosho “secret” Ferrari 599XX’s, both in livery depicting real track versions, some of us are interested in those as well.

Along those lines, here is a 1:64 version of a car that earned a “historic” designation the second it entered the track.  The Lexus GS450h finished 17th in the Macau Grand Prix, but that was not the point.  It is the first hybrid-drive car to ever enter that race, and it showed quite well:

A car like this merits a 1:64 replica, and XCO and our friends Daboxtoys Model Cars (DMC) came through.  And boy, come through they did.

The car this model represents is only half of what makes it a must-have.  The other reason?  The model itself.  It is entirely resin, so it is light, and it would take a nasty trip down a track.  But this is a model to put on the shelf, and to grab off said shelf and admire every once in awhile.  I don’t know if I have seen a model so detailed, from the multitude of sharp decals, to the amazing interior, complete with a rollcage, a red seat harness, a safety net, red pipes, and even a full dashboard display.  It has to be seen to believe.

And now is the time to get one.  This model was distributed exclusively by DMC, and Felix has less than 10 left.  He has decided to make them available to Lamley followers at a discount.  Just follow this link to reserve yours, and use the promo code “lamleylexus” to get 15% off the order.  

Grab one while you can!

And while you are at it, have a look at all the Kyosho, Greenlight, Tomica, and other amazing models DMC has for sale

XCO Models 1:64 Lexus GS450h Hybrid 2010 Macau Grand Prix Special Edition

Part of the interior detail:

And a size comparison with the Matchbox:

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