Matchbox Monday variation alert: Ford F-550 Superduty in lime…

Matchbox collectors have been aware of this vari for awhile now.  It was first mentioned in a previous Ambassador report several months ago.  Apparently the first few runs of this model were erroneously produced in lime, not the normal color used for the ongoing National Parks livery Matchbox has used.  Because of the large number already produced, Mattel released them, and they have been showing up as the batch has been released.

I figured once I found the lime vari I would put together a post about it.  The problem was that the lime version never appeared around here.  That happens, so a request to a good friend produced one, and now I can put together the post.

I am a big fan of this casting.  Some don’t like it because of the amount of plastic, and while I understand their reasoning, it doesn’t bother me.  It goes a step further because of the white plastic, and although I think black would be better, the white is fine for me.  I think one of the main reasons they did it was to differentiate it from the Forest Service version released in a 5-pack earlier this year, which had the black trim.

With all that aside, what I like most if the sensical pairing of this model and the National Park livery.  I have mentioned it here before, but I love this livery, and Matchbox has not disappointed by dressing at least one or two models each year.  So far this model and the Baja Bullet have sported the deco.  This F-550 brush truck makes perfect sense in this design, and goes very well with my favorite National Parks model so far, the International Brush Fire Truck.

Matchbox National Parks models for sale…

Matchbox Ford F-550 Superduty (2012 mainline):

Correct color:

Error lime color:

Some pairs:

National Parks & Forest Service (explained here):

National Parks F-550 and International Brush Firetruck:

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  1. Just saw a couple of these at Target. Man, the lime and white is ugly! I swear the ones I saw didn't have the caution stripe under the crest on the door, but I guess they did.

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