Matchbox Monday First Look: BMW Z4…

The newest batch has hit my area, and there were a couple of models that jumped into the collection, starting with this sharp-looking Z4 in black.  We haven’t seen this model in several years, mainly because of a licensing conflict between Mattel and BMW.  But if you go to the either the blue or orange pegs, you can see that the disagreement has been worked out and BMW is back with a vengeance.  
After introducing the M3 last year, Hot Wheels threw a 2002, M3 GT2, Z4 M, Hot Ones M1, and an upcoming Racing line model our way.  Matchbox gave us a convertible Mini last year, a BMW bike this year, and another BMW bike and 1M next year.  And they are also bringing back some older castings.  This Z4 is one of them, and it looks good…
Matchbox BMW Z4 (2012 Mainline):

The two Mattel Z4’s together:

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  1. This is what a Matchbox should look like! Nice and clean, with no junk on the side.
    FYI, Hot Wheels cancelled the Racing line already, so no M3. According to people on HWC, there was going to be a Toyota 2000gt and the Safari Rally 240Z as well…

  2. Yep, the 1992 M3 will not be done this year for the Racing series. Van stated that they planned on still using the tools, though, for later releases, and hoped that they are able to do ones that have similar paint and tampos, but not exactly the same.


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