First Look: Kyosho Toyota 86 in red…

I have debated whether to show all three models from this set together, or to give each color its own post.  I decided to break it up, because this Kyosho casting merits a good amount of attention.

I have already expressed my love for this car, whether it is wearing a Toyota, Scion, or Subaru badge.  I have driven the Subaru, and being a dedicated Subaru owner that is what I would go with.  Maybe a BRZ will be done in diecast at some point, but I am not complaining at all.  This car looks as good as it is fun to drive, and I really hope to have one in my driveway someday.  (Especially now that I have hit 75000 miles on the Legacy, and my company is replacing it with a Ford Escape.   Drat.  Maybe I will have you guys help my pick out a color on the Lamley Facebook page.)

So I have already given a lot of love to the three Tomica 86’s I have, now it is Kyosho’s turn.  Someone asked me to compare the two.  There is no comparison.  I don’t mean to say that the Tomica is bad, but what Kyosho does is amazing.  The scale, the wheels, the detail, the side mirrors (!), everything is spot on.  But you can’t play with it.  You can’t even roll it.  It is for display, and nothing displays better.

And friends, my conversion to Kyosho has been swift.  I now have several models, and I have quite a few more to showcase here.  My hope is that Kyosho can create a larger presence here in the US, and make these more accessible to collectors.  We can do that by showing the demand.  So US collectors, whether you buy from Daboxtoys (DMC), who has the best prices for Kyosho (and offers the Lamley discount), find them and buy them on ebay, or grab some from your favorite dealer, please go get a few.  You won’t be disappointed.  I promise.  And maybe Kyosho will notice.  I want them here.

Kyosho Toyota 86 (3-car retail set):

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  1. Mine is the metallic black version. Kyoshos are a stiff hit, but if you dig the subject matter you'll be hard-pressed to find a better representation in 1/64 scale, regardless of price!


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