First Look: Hot Wheels ’12 Camaro ZL1 in green…

Ok, we got the Minion and Altered Ego out of the way, now back to the (really) good stuff.

I absolutely love this casting, and this is my favorite color of the four.  It is not the case with all cars, but when I see a Camaro on the road, I like the bright colors the best, and this green is at the top.  And why not go with a bright color?  You are driving a Camaro.

And driving a Camaro these days is definitely a cool thing.  It wasn’t for a very long time.  It was in the late 60s and early 70s.  It is now.  It wasn’t much between those time periods.  So if you are driving one, let the world know.

Alright, another subject.  How many versions of the new Camaro have been done?  Let’s count:

(and click on the links to grab the models you don’t have…)

Camaro Concept
Camaro Concept Convertible
’10 Camaro SS
’10 Camaro SS Police
Custom ’10 Camaro Pro Stock
Custom ’11 Camaro
2012 Camaro ZL1

Am I forgetting any?  Seven Camaro New Models if you count the police modification on the ’10 SS casting.  So who is trying to collect all of them?  One of each?  One of each Camaro casting Hot Wheels has done? 

I will collect one, the ZL1.  Why collect the others when this one looks so good?

Hot Wheels ’12 Camaro ZL1 (2012 New Models recolor):

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  1. Your are spot on with the ZL1 in my view – this is one of Hot Wheels' greatest current castings and the green looks awesome. i went to Miami a few weeks ago and you see a lot of Camaros there in the bright colours cruising along the beach – that's when I decided to expand my HW Camaro collection. Looking at the different castings I find the ss and concept's bodywork too flat compared to the massive rear wheel, the ZL 1 sorts that one out beautifully with the deeper air intakes and front splitter and side skirts. Just waiting for the SEMA 2011 version ofnthe ZL1 – really looking forward to that one. If I could wish for one? – A ZL1 in white with black go-faster stripe and deep rimmed real riders…

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