First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard Honda Civic SI…

After a Monday spent seeing to my Ambassador duties, it is back to normal.  At least for a bit.

I have promised some First Looks, and we were able to see the new Boulevard Vector and AMC Rebel over the weekend.  One more Boulevard before we jump into the basic range later today, including the brand new Mercury Cyclone, El Camino, and yes, the highly sought after Mars Rover Curiosity.  Obviously, there is more interest surrounding the new tools, but this heavily used Civic casting merits a look.  Why?  Because it is awesome, that’s why.  (Picture my face giving you a 6th-grader “Duh” look.)

Look, no tail light tampos.  (Look at the wheels.)  Oops, no front headlight or grill prints.  (Have you seen the wheels?)  The side tampo is just one color.  (How about those greenline wheels!)  I think the Civic has been done in green a lot already.  (If you haven’t seen them, focus on the wheels!)  It could probably use a little more detail, considering its pricepoint and premium treatment.  (Wheels! Wheels! Wheels!)

Hmmm, I just can’t pinpoint why I like this model so much.  I will have to let you figure it out.

Hot Wheels Honda Civic SI (2012 Boulevard):

As always, this model is available, along with a slew of other Boulevards, at Wheel Collectors

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