August Matchbox Ambassador Report, Part 2(A): More details on 2013 5-packs…

I was able to get further details on what the 5-packs will look like in 2013:

1. As mentioned before, 4 of the 12 5-packs will feature models taken from the mainline.

2. Each of the 8 remaining 5-packs will feature 4 exclusive vehicles and one pulled from the mainline. That means that a little over half of the 60 vehicles slated for the 2013 5-packs will have exclusive decos.

3. The 12 5-pack themes for 2013 are as follows (those featuring 5 mainline vehicles are highlighted in red):


There is no way around the fact that this is a disappointing development for collectors. What Mattel has told me is that making this adjustment allows them to be able to create more exclusive decos for the 60th Anniversary and other lines.

Truthfully, if those limitations have been set, I would much rather have a collector-oriented 60th Anniversary line instead of an all-exclusive Construction 5-pack, but that is just my opinion.

One other note, the fifth vehicle in the Exotics 5-pack will be the MB609 Mustang GT Concept, which will be pulled from the mainline.

As always, many thanks to the Mattel team for sharing this info with us so quickly. They obviously know this won’t sit well with collectors, but at least they are willing to keep us in the loop, no matter what the response.

Part 3 will be posted as soon as Mattel sends over the answers to collector questions. Until then…


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  1. Well, I'm a “collector” and I'm not too phased out about this. But then, I'm not a “hardcore” “Collector” (capital C Collector…).

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