First Look: Hot Wheels Custom ’71 El Camino…

Mad Max be damned!

All that might be going against this model (Another El Camino?  Another El Camino with a ridiculous engine in the rear?) is completely trumped by how cool it is.  I had no idea what the huff about this new model was until I got it.

It is completely over the top.  Instead of an engine in the back like the old model, this one has a jet engine in the back.  It has one headlight painted red.  It has been done to help promote this “Hot Wheel Test Facility” campaign that Mattel is pushing.

But I am a sucker for mean-looking black car, and I have been pulled in.  It is just plain cool.  Mad Max would love it.  When we do a “Best of” vote at the end of the year, I have a feeling this one will be a contender for Best New Model…

This is the first of many Q case models we will be featuring in the coming days.  They are lined up and ready for showcasing:

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Hot Wheels Custom ’71 El Camino (2012 New Models):

8 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Custom ’71 El Camino…”

  1. This one closely reminds me of the Trailblazer stunt car from FlatOut 2 because of the rear mounted jet engine and because both are El Caminos. Can't wait to pick this up!

    – Black Wind, Swifty's Garage.

  2. Watching the videos that feature the 1:1, I don't think that red “headlight” is really a headlight. I think it's some sort of induction or something for the jets. Either way, this is definitely a sweet casting, can't wait to get a few!


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