August Matchbox Ambassador Report, Part 2: Upcoming Mainline Models & 5-pack Models…

As promised, Part 2 of the Matchbox Ambassador Report for August.  Part 3, which answers collector questions, will come in a few days.

As always, these photos are presented here with permission from Mattel:

2012/2013 Mainline:

Many of the details of the what is coming for the remainder of 2012 and some of what to expect in 2013 was broken down by the previous Ambassador, Shabbir Malik, in his final report.  Below are some photos of upcoming models.

Let’s start with a new tool for 2012.  It was shown at the Gathering last month, but here is another look at the new 4×4 garbage truck, called the Garbage Grinder.

Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way, on to 2013!  Mattel has provided photos of several upcoming models in the basic range.  No new tools yet, but here are some new decos to look forward to:

We will start with a new color on the Batmobile, which was introduced this year.  The black over grey gives it a more menacing look than the debut version.

Next, the BMW Police Motorcycle looking great in a livery similar to police vehicles in Europe and Australia.  Can anyone tell me if there is a police force this livery most closely resembles?

Another model of note, the Austin Mini Cooper S.  This red version is the first of three versions to be released in 2013.  In addition to the basic model in red, there will be a black version with the 60th Anniversary logo that will be a 9/10-pack exclusive, and finally a 3rd version in the 60th Anniversary range, with its own deco and illustrated box.  Lots of fun for the Mini Cooper fans.

Finally, some more upcoming 2013 basic range models (starting with the Ambassador’s favorite in this batch of sneak peaks):

Cadillac CTS Wagon

Chevy Van


SWAT Truck


Jeep Wrangler Superlift

Cliff Hanger

2013 5-packs:

First off, some news on 5-packs for 2013.  5-packs will be set up differently, as 4 of the 12 packs will not have exclusive decos.  For these 4 packs, models will be selected from the mainline and used based on the theme.  The other 8 will feature exclusive models.  I am not yet aware of the reasoning behind this, but that info is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Here are parts of two upcoming exclusive 5-packs.  First, here are 3 models from the Jungle 5-pack:

Jeep Wrangler

Jungle Crawler

Road Tripper

And lastly, here are 4 out the 5 models in the upcoming Exotics 5-pack.   This marks the very welcome return of “street” cars to the 5-pack lineup, after no street-car-themed packs in 2012.  I am looking forward to getting my hands on this pack when it hits the pegs.  And in case you are wondering, I am already trying to pry the identity of the fifth car out of Dave Weise.

Fisker Karma

Ford GT

Ford Shelby Cobra

Porsche 911 Carrera

That is it for the sneak peaks for August.  Keep checking back for Part 3, where Mattel answers collector questions…


12 Replies to “August Matchbox Ambassador Report, Part 2: Upcoming Mainline Models & 5-pack Models…”

  1. So we see nothing, or very little of the realism yet. I love the Cadillac in gold and the BMW bike (which looks close to British livery) but the others are ugly.

    I mean, I like the white Karma a lot but couldn't pay for that terrible green GT or the lame Cobra in order to get the beautiful Fisker.

    Many thanks for the report!

  2. Garbage Grinder…really? A 4×4 garbage truck…prediction – peg warmer

    The skidster needs smaller wheels….doesn't look correct.

    The Shelby Cobra…why are they using this still…while they are at it bring back the gmc terradyne…

    And that CTS….from looks over a screen…put it in a hot wheels or mbox blister you couldn't tell the difference.

  3. So actually nothing new at all, besides a fantasy garbage truck…

    What Matchbox needs are actual cars from present and past and not the umpteenth recolor of already boring models. I find myself rather buying used toy cars from the seventies and earlier just to escape these dreadful present line.
    Mattel seems to be very successful in ruining the Matchbox name.

  4. I like the bike and Mini. The SWAT van has potential. I'll give the bin wagon a miss.

    The BMW is in a London Metropolitan Police livery. Can't post a link but google London police BMW bike and just scroll down a little.

    Chris P

  5. I have to say, I find very little here that excites me. I was a very loyal Matchbox collector until 2010 when I saw the introduction of plastic bodies in the standard range. 2012 has also been a complete turn off and I have bought very few new Matchbox cars this year. And from the look of it, 2013 isn't going to be much better. Mattel is destroying the Matchbox brand and this is just further proof. I am very disillusioned and the thrill of the chase has completely gone for me I'm afraid to say. From the images above, the only ones i like are from the Exotics 5 pack. And now we're told that in effect it's a 4 pack because one of the cars will be from the standard range. This is poor form and just means I will be spending even less on new Matchbox next year. I may even just give up completely. Good work Mattel!

  6. The only thing that really interests me here is the golden Cadillac Wagon and the Exotics 5-pack, especially the yellow Porsche cabriolet (haven't been in the mainline for a few years). I just hope I can get my hands on these because the stores over here may decide not to keep Matchbox anymore.

    – Black Wind, Swifty's Garage.

  7. I thought I posted this last night… anyway…

    That Garbage Grinder is so insane I need to get one, haha

    Not a whole lot interests me in this lot. Will get that white Jeep Wrangler for sure. I like the CTS Wagon casting, but not in that color (I don't like that color in general, really), but might get it anyway (and do a base swap w/ the orange one, those black wheels will look sick with the orange body).


  8. Going to agree with what's been said here already. I decided to start collecting Matchbox last year, and I'm likely going to stop after this year. The vehicles are too repetitive year-after-year and are mostly boring, save for a scant few.

    Unfortunately, this report does little to excite me for next year…

    They really need to look into a classic mainline subset instead of the awful “themes” they're using currently.

  9. Personally i have been unhappy with the way things have been going, with so many generics and dire colour schemes, but the latest releases seem to have been going back to how i liked them.

    Out of all the pictures above there is only one that i find i really like and that is the Mini, it has the ethos of a sixties model with the graphics that could have been used then as well as now, i really want to get a few of these.

    As for the generics above…… no.. not ever, Matchbox must have hundreds of old designs that can be used, rather than continued ugly generics

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