August 2012 Matchbox Ambassador Report, Part 1: Real Working Rigs & Skybusters…

Greetings from the Matchbox Ambassador!

Many thanks to everyone for the kind words regarding my appointment, and once again, thanks to Mattel for giving me this opportunity.  But now it is time to get to work…

The August Report will come in three parts:

  1. Real Working Rigs & Sky Busters
  2. Basic Range & 5-packs
  3. Answers to collector questions and other news from Mattel
Parts 1 and 2 will be released today (Monday), and Part 3 will come a little later.  My goal is to have a monthly report, and I know Mattel is doing all they can to do that as well.  Considering their schedule, I am very appreciative that they are taking time to take photographs of upcoming models and answer our questions.
Before we start, please note that these photos are being shown with Mattel’s permission.
On with Part 1:

Real Working Rigs:

There are two remaining tools to be introduced in 2012, and they are pictured below.  Both of these were shown at the Gathering in EP form, and are now displayed here in full color preproduction.  Emergency collectors should enjoy these two.

First up is the Police SWAT Truck, called the Rolling Raider.  Note the pivoting battering ram, front barriers which fold forward for travel, and the swing-down hook in the rear.  It also features a rotating fire nozzle up top.

Next up is the new Brush Fire Truck, called the Fire Stalker.  There are several moving parts on this one, including an articulating fire nozzle turret that rotates and extends, as well as two rotating nozzles on the front bumper.

Sky Busters:

For this report, just one model to show, and one bit of news.  For 2012, Matchbox is doing The Bat as seen in the Dark Knight Rises movie this summer.  It is not the same as the Hot Wheels model, and should be appearing at retail any time.  Time to start looking…

As far as upcoming models, here is the 2013 deco for the Twin Blast:

Part 2 coming in a few hours…

6 Replies to “August 2012 Matchbox Ambassador Report, Part 1: Real Working Rigs & Skybusters…”

  1. While not the first “generics” in the RWR line, the earlier releases had at least a realistic look about them (Mbx Excavator, Mbx Road Grader to name a couple), giving the series name one meaning: Real Working Rigs, where the “real” formerly signified you could see the actual inspiration for the rigs “on the street”.

    Now the “Real” in the name simply implies there are “real working” parts on the toy. So the series name is still valid, if changed in meaning. However, these two will both end up in my toy room/displays, and will possibly inspire some actual play time aside from static shelf-sitting.

  2. That SWAT rig is neat but that Fire Stalker is mind blowing. It'll definately be making an appearance in my fire hall.

    Now, if we can convince them to do a National Parks scheme of that one…

  3. Frustrating. The Real Working Rigs range was fantastic when it came out, because they were real licenced trucks, and I bought every one. And so did many other people. New i see them warming the pegs because they are now either generic or in stupid graphics. Way to go Mattel, you are going to stuff another great Matchbox range. They'll probably even be scratching their heads wondering where their sales of gone. I won't be collecting these two new castings.

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