First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard AMC Rebel Machine…

After showing the brand new Vector on Friday, here is another fantastic new tool to debut in the Boulevard lineup.  I have no idea what the future of the Boulevard range is for 2013, but I hope it stays.  Of course I am hoping for more current sports cars, and thank about how good Jun’s Skylines would look in the range.  Yummy.

But let’s focus on what is already in the range, including this great new AMC.  Like the Vector, I had to google the car to get a better idea of what its significance is, and if you need to do the same, there should be a search bar somewhere to start your search.  Start by looking at the images, and you will see that this is the stock version.  I think this will be a vey popular model…

Hot Wheels AMC Rebel Machine (2012 Boulevard):

HW Boulevard for sale…

6 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard AMC Rebel Machine…”

  1. Popular model is right, everybody wants this one. They're barely out and online pricing is stupid high. At normal price, they are elusive.

  2. I have only seen pictures of it so far, but hope to get one soon. It is about the only new Boulevard I even want. I just wish, for the money, Hot Wheels could figure out how to paint their taillights. All the other brands do it at that price point, why can't HW?

  3. JL made lots of AMC models, and was consistently rewarded by hungry, grateful collectors who stripped every damned one of them off the pegs whenever they showed up. Loyal folks, the AMC bunch.


  4. I have one of these a buddy sent me that he got at a Oreillys in Colorado. I also own one of the known 300 left of the ORIGINAL 1000 Red /white/ blue cars…..GO AMC!

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