DLMer’s View: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX with OH5 wheels…

We have given the Ferrari 599XX an ample amount of coverage here on the blog.  And that is for good reason.  It is just a super cool model, and one of the best Hot Wheels Ferrari castings around.

I am a list geek.  In December I go nuts for lists, 10 Best movies, albums, gadgets, TV Shows, and on and on.  I like to do that with Hot Wheels and Matchbox as well.  5 Best New Models, 5 Best Models, 3 Best Super Treasure Hunts, 3 Most Disappointing New Models.  You name it, I like to do it.  And now the Lamley Blog gives us a place to post them.  I hope you all contribute with your own lists.

Why do I bring this up?  Because the Ferrari 599XX will get serious consideration for HW Model of the Year.  It is not a new model, but this is its debut in the basic range after only residing with the Speed Machines.  And not only does it look great in its basic range attire, but it also got a little gussied up as one of the most understated and good-looking Super Treasure Hunts ever.  And on top of that, now provides wheel variation collectors with something to hunt down.  I have no idea if we get a recolor, but three versions is pretty good.

I have already posted pics of the OH5 wheel vari, and explained where to find it.  Since I posted it, I have heard of them also being found at Walmart, so keep your eyes open.  Kroger still seems to be the best bet.

But in true Lamley DLM fashion, I was able to acquire one on a creased card, and in turn give the vari a proper photo spread.  And I have to say, this is one photogenic model…

Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX (OH5 wheel variation):

2 Replies to “DLMer’s View: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX with OH5 wheels…”

  1. This is one of my favorite Ferraris. I found one at Kroger, but only with the OH5 wheels on the rear. Did not know there was a variation with OH5 on all 4 corners. Thanks for reporting and the great pics!

  2. Oh how I want the OH5 variation. Not living where they've been found, i've given up trying to get one.


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