Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Faster Than Ever Datsun 240Z…

It is probably important to show that the DLM movement is still alive and well at the Lamley Group.  I opened this rarity a couple of years ago in order to display with the other 240Z’s, and boy it sure looks better photographed out of the package.
The original FTE’s from 2005 and 2006 seem to retain a nice pillowy soft spot with Hot Wheels collectors, and there are a few that take the cake.  Of course there is the FTE Flamed Dodge Charger, but the Datsun is a little more of a mystery.  The Charger is easy to explain – a few of the flamed bodies got mixed in with the normal blue bodies and the king of all variations was born.  The Datsun?  It showed up on short cards, and those short cards decided to reside in Canada and a few Walmart checkout lanes.  A proper FTE model, but never fully released in normal batches.  I am sure there are a few people who know more about this model, and maybe they will chime in.
Nonetheless this model is a wee bit difficult to come by.  I was happy to snag one awhile ago, and in this case equally happy to open it.  It just looks cool with its copper wheels, and was the best version of this casting until Mattel threw the Super Treasure Hunt our way…
Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z (2006 New Models Faster Than Ever variation):

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  1. Love this casting. Never obtained that FTE, but have a few of the others released of the New Model (including both wheel varis on the yellow one).

    Never did find the Modern Classics releases of it in blue and red (only have 2 I can think of from that series as it is). Was hoping it would have been in the Hot Ones series w/ the classic Z-Whiz tampo work, either the original gray or the later blue release, but it never happened.

    Great MOTD!


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