My car in 1/64: Tomica Subaru Legacy B4…

Any diecast collector likes seeing their car in small scale, especially of no customizing is involved. The exact model and color is hard to come by.  That is why I was very excited last year to make this charcoal grey Subaru Legacy B4 my first Tomica model.
I have had my 2011 Subaru Legacy Limited for almost two years. This week it passed 75,000 miles. Yes, that is a nice milestone, but there is more significance with that number.
It means it is time to give it up.
My Legacy is not mine at all. It is my company’s car. When it hits 75,000 miles, it means it is only a matter of time before I get an email with a list of 3 to 5 cars for me to choose to replace it. I pick one, pick the color and amenities, it gets built, shipped, and I show up at a dealership to leave the old, sign a paper, and drive away with the new.
This is usually a fun time, but I don’t want to give this car up.  It is by far the best company car I have had, and even convinced us to buy a Tribeca when it came time to replace my wife’s car.  Most of all it has been a great companion for all my travels around beautiful Southern Utah telling physicians to write the medications I represent.

It even took me to Walter White’s house in Albuquerque:
I am hoping to get another Legacy if there is one on the list, but if not at least I have the Tomica.
Tomica Subaru Legacy B4:

(Maybe I should have Ricky Silverio put HW 10sp on it…)
For good measure, it also comes in silver, and even available in the US at TRU:
Click here for Tomica for sale…

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  1. Awesome!

    I also have this model, but only because it's standing in for our new 2012 Accord (also in gray). The Accord barely beat out us getting a Legacy. We don't really need 2 AWDs in Boise.

    I did modify a Tomica Legacy wagon to be similar to our 2007 Outback, complete with AT tires and roof rack. Two other cars that we've owned I also have in 1:64…A JL Acura Integra (removed Type-R wing and badges) and a MB Volvo 760. The Integra was my first car and the Volvo was my wife's.
    The Accord did replace the Volvo.

    John, do you have a Majorette Accord to go with the first Honda you owned (and recently posted about)?

  2. The Subaru Legacy certainly served you well, running over 75,000 miles. It’s the time together, the experience of driving the car that makes it so difficult to part with it. Let’s hope you do get another Legacy as your company car. Maybe you can recommend it to them, saying how well it’s worked for you in the past, and how much you’d appreciate it if you can have another Legacy as your company car.

  3. These models make such cute displays! This can be a good collection for more mature guys. Leave the Hot Wheels for the younger ones. With these collectibles, a guy can express his love for cars and he would no longer have to buy every car model. Haha!

    Sara Anthony

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