First Look: Matchbox Hazard Squad & Pierce Dash Fire Engine…

There is a huge batch of First Looks coming in the next couple of days, including the latest batch of Hot Wheels, but there are still some models from the latest Matchbox I wanted to get to.

The last batch of Matchbox included three emergency trucks. The Ford F550 brush truck will get its own post, as soon as I have both color variations on the model. But let’s put the other two together here.
I don’t collect the Pierce Dash, but I do like the wheels on this one.  The model is so highly detailed, and the wheels fit better than the trispokes used previously.  The Hazard Squad is a model I do collect. Why the Hazard Squad and not the Pierce? I have no idea.
There has been a lot of discussion about the use of real liveries on Matchbox emergency vehicles.  Although I much prefer something real, I understand why it can’t be done all the time on $1 cars, with licensing costs and the time it takes.  The hope is that at least they look realistic, and looking at these two, it appears that is the case, especially compared to earlier this year.  I don’t know enough about emergency vehicles to know if this is a realistic color combo for the Hazard Squad, but I think the yellow/black combo is fantastic. 
I will have to do a post on all the Hazard Squads together…
Matchbox Pierce Dash Fire Engine (2012 Basic):
Matchbox Hazard Squad (2012 Basic Range): 

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