Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Marc Donohue’s ’71 AMC Javelin…

This is definitely a post where I don’t need to say much.

Look at this photo:
And watch this video (ah the roar):
And tell me how you can’t put the fantastic model below in your collection.  To share the sentiment of many, why the did the Vintage Racing series go away?
Hot Wheels Marc Donohue’s ’71 AMC Javelin (2011 Vintage Racing Series):

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5 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Marc Donohue’s ’71 AMC Javelin…”

  1. Fantastic model. Great video. Terrible half-speed honky-tonk soundtrack.

    As for why Vintage Racing went away, here is my theory. 1) TRU and other stores overbought, and you can still find Wave 1 in stores. Stores wouldn't order subsequent waves, leaving this to online distributors. They're good, but they're not Wally World or TRU. 2) It wasn't killed … it simply morphed into the racing series we have now. The Vintage Racing series had a ton of cool licenses, but all grouped together–NASCAR, NHRA, Trans-Am, etc. This year's racing series is themed–all NHRA, all NASCAR, all off-road, all road racing, etc. Really, it's only the card that's changed. Alas I don't know that these are speeding off shelves either, so who knows what 2013 will hold. I did hear that the road racing release somehow all ended up in South America, for whatever reason, which means the M3 and the Greenwood Vette will be incredibly tough to get ahold of.

  2. Loved the cars in the series. Just couldn't justify spending $4.50+ per car in the series. The only ones I have I bought at Kmart when they were buy-one-get-one half off. That one, though, is one I would have spent full price on had I found one.


  3. This car, like others on the Vintage Racing series lacks the clear coat normally found in this price range. And paint often rubbed off in the blister pack – note the chipping around the left side wheel openings, which actually aren't too bad on this example. The vehicles in the current Racing series are better protected against this.

    I think the 'Vintage Racing' series is alive and well, in the form of the all inclusive 'Racing' series.

  4. I almost slept on the entire series…when the VR line was announced, I was fixated on only the 510. Glad I woke up and was lucky to find other cool ones like the Boss Stangs, Posey Challenger and AAR Cuda, not to mention that the Camaros that came in the same case as the 510.

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