Matchbox Monday (extended): The Matchbox Police 5-pack is now out in the US…

Well, it is Tuesday in most parts of the world, but still Monday here, so I feel it is still appropriate to post this Matchbox find today:

One of my local Walmarts just stocked what is easily the best Matchbox 5-pack this year, the Police pack. We have already seen David Tilley’s Up-Close review of the pack, but why not share the photos I just took?

Whatever direction Matchbox takes in the coming years, it is clear Police cars with be a large part of that direction. Matchbox Police cars can easily fill a collection, and it will only get better, with the 2012 Dodge Charger Police and Lamborghini Gallardo Police out in the coming months.

Don’t have a lot of Matchbox Police Cars?  Find some…

Matchbox 2012 Police 5-pack:

Ford Interceptor:

Mitsubishi Evo X Police:

With its 2012 basic-range counterpart:

Porsche 911 Turbo

(For the record, I love the addition of the Porsche.  Yes, not a cop car, but cops need someone to pull over.  And I will never complain about a very nice looking Porsche in any set.  It is against my nature.)

Dodge Magnum Police:

Chevy Suburban Police:

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