First Look: Tomica Dealer Exclusive Toyota 86 in black…

A week ago we featured our first Tomica models, the matching silver and red Toyota 86’s.  I am a huge fan of the car in either its Toyota (Scion) clothes, or its Subaru duds.  (And for those of you interested, the first comparison of the two cars that I know of went up today.)

Nonetheless, I am enamored with this car, and will do just about anything to get my hands on diecast examples.  Pretty soon, we will profile Kyosho’s version of the 86, and tonight we present the extremely limited Tomica version in black done exclusively for Japanese Toyota dealers.

Of the three Tomica colors of the 86 so far, the black is my favorite for two reasons.  One, the box that it came is pretty darn cool.  And two, it looks the sportiest in black.  We have the silver and red versions to show off the lines and details of the casting, and the black to just take those lines and make them look a little more menacing.

Where to find this model?  I had to navigate Yahoo Auctions Japan, which is not easy for someone who does not read Japanese.  But the red and silver versions are readily available on ebay.  Daboxtoys is currently sold out, but I am sure more will come in at some point.

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(Tomica Toyota 86 for sale…)

Tomica Toyota 86 (Toyota Dealer exclusive):

4 Replies to “First Look: Tomica Dealer Exclusive Toyota 86 in black…”

  1. Love it, but MAN those wheels are ugly, haha. A wheel swap w/ some basic MBX is in order I think (on one of the easier to get ones, of course 😉 )


  2. The Tomica Official Limited version will be out by the end of the year, and will surely sport prototypical wheels on soft, treaded tires, as well as other enhanced details.

  3. Hey Jeff, how's it going? I will definitely be grabbing the Official Limited version. Thanks for the heads up. I was this close to owning a 1:1 BRZ, but couldn't pull the trigger. Just not practical enough at this stage in the game. Maybe if an STi version comes out with a turbo…

  4. I know I am a little late with this news, but I figure better late than never. To the best of my knowledge this black car is not a dealer exclusive (unless there are two different black versions that I am not aware of).

    This model was actually offered as a bonus with the purchase of a Tomica City Parking set – it was either handed out at the time of purchase or as a mail-in offer – I'm not certain which.

    Here was the original offer announcement (it is still online for now):

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