Matchbox Monday Model of the Day: 1957 GMC Stepside Pickup in black…

Another model that is an exception to what I normally collect.  When you go through my collection, you see Astons, Ferraris, some muscle, a whole lot of current and classic Japanese, some great 70’s cars like the Gran Torino Sport and the Olds Vista Cruiser, and a slew of supercars and sports cars.  Of course there are exceptions, the 57 GMC Pickup is one of them.

First, I am not a huge fan of pickups.  Current pickups especially do nothing for me.  I can see how nice they are, but just not my thing.  But I do have an unexplained soft spot for some older pickups, including old Datsuns and Toyotas (surprise, I know), as well as older American trucks.   I love seeing any pre-1980 pickup on the road, and I usually see them in my work travels around rural Utah.  There is a certain, illogical jealously I have for the guys driving those trucks.  They get to live in some of the most spectacular land anywhere, and they are not wearing a shirt and tie like I am.  They seem to be part of the landscape, and maybe that is why I have every version of the Chevy and GMC Stepsides that Matchbox has done.
Second, I have no connection to pre-1960’s cars.  When I follow coverage of Concours d’Elegance, I stop and admire the setting, filter through the super old cars, and look for post-1960’s stuff.  I will admit that my appreciation for their beauty is growing, but it will be awhile before I am in a blue blazer, white shoes, khakis, and one of those styrofoam hats that men in movies punch through when they are excited about something.
So I think my love of the Matchbox GMC stems from reason one, that old trucks represent some made up connection I have to rip off my tie and go run through Wild Utah for a very long period of time.
(Man, I told myself to write less.  I am bad at this.)  The black is awesome.  I like how plain it is.  I love the wheels with only the center hot-stamped.  It is what Matchbox is all about: a beautiful casting, taking a less is more approach, and picking a GMC over the more common Chevy version.  If you haven’t collected this model, I would suggest you do.   There is not a bad one in the bunch.  Ok, I am done.
Matchbox 1957 GMC Stepside Pickup (2011 basic model in black):

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