New Inno64 box set : Toyota 2000GT SCCA 1968 (new tooling alert!)

Finally some news from my favorite 1/64 brand. Inno64 is back with another collector box set and a new casting. The Toyota 2000GT had been announced a while ago and the cast is finally here. In a pure Inno64 fashion, the brand is loading four new models in a row, with two street versions (scheduled for another article) and two racing versions from SCCA 1968. SCCA stands for Sport Car Club of America. It was founded in 1954 and was supposed to gather the best amateur drivers on race tracks. In fact, from what I’ve understood, it stands for a big mess with many categories from open-wheeled to production cars, sports cars and all. The Toyota 2000GT were racing against Porsche 911S, Datsun 2000, Triumph 250 or Lotus Elan.

Strangely enough, Inno64 chose to make this box set with a legendary Japanese car racing in an American championship. As far as I know, the 2000GT raced in Japan at Suzuka and Fuji 24h (in fact, mainly endurance races). I’m sure more versions will come. For now, I cannot be more happy with this new box set as I really love them. I think Inno64 really gets something with this cool new series of vintage racing in duo. The box is qualitative, nothing too crazy to expose and a really nice art on it. Models coming from are exclusive and can be displayed like any other Inno.

This new tooling is a clever idea for the large possibilities it offers from street versions to racing versions. We know Hot Wheels made this cast a few years ago, Majorette tooled one recently, Kyosho, and Konami also made a really nice and smooth Toyota 2000GT back in time. I’m still wondering why Tomica Limited Vintage did not try it yet.

The 2000GT was the first venture of the Japanese model maker Toyota into such a sport car and you can clearly see the inspiration from some European cars like the Jaguar E-type. The car is low, long, fluent and elegant. It is a very rare car nowadays. The Inno64 tooling is good in my opinion. It is fine and detailed as you want a Inno model car to be. The etching is good, specially on the roof. The detail of the gas tank is nice, such as the kind of grill under the front hood. Of course the car is a metal chassis and roller, which is almost a prerequisite now for any Inno64 model. You also have typical Japanese mirrors put in, and a nice wood steering wheel. The most incredible details are the central nuts of the wheels, red on the left, blue on the right. You can find it on eBay easily.

Those 2000GT at Shelby sauce are all about hood colors

All in all, those Carroll Shelby team 2000GT are purely incredible and I highly encourage you to grab yourself a box if you like vintage racing cars like me. As I said previously, I’m sure more Fuji 24h or Suzuka 500km will come and I cannot wait. For now, you can enjoy those Japanese US race cars as a highly desirable duo to expose on your racing displays!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews.


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