PARA64’s New Pantera Casting Rocks and Rolls Out in Release 5 

With some manufacturers cranking out monthly sets of reskinned castings, thus redirecting your dollars and castrating your savings account, it’s refreshing to see that by mid-November, PARA64 is only on Release 5. Short of stature, but certainly not lacking in stout, this four casting bundle features two color ways of each for a total of eight new models to add to your collection.

The headliner is no doubt DeTomaso’s instantly recognizable Pantera, one of two new castings in the group. The American in an Italian suit debuts in black and yellow, with the latter being a replica of Elvis Presley’s and coming in special Petersen Museum packaging. It will also have the current placement of the mirrors simulating the actual car The King drove. Subsequent versions and even the current black car will have the mirrors placed on the pillars. Being prototypes – the front lenses on the bumper will also be addressed prior to being released to retail. My only gripe is a consistent one – the lack of tread on the tires. I think a nice vintage pattern would really accentuate the exposed massive meats in the back. Especially as they flank the well-crafted exhaust. As with other models with pop-up headlights, they’ll be offered in both positions.

The Pantera is the first foray for PARA64 into the the real classics. Sure, they’ve done a few 80s cars like the RUF BTR and CTR, and the Mitsubishi Galant, but this Ghia-bodied two-seater will be a welcome addition to both their catalog of the world of 1/64 in general.

The next new casting is another mutation of the Toyota Land Cruiser. The LC79 is a Double Cab pickup built to take on the world’s toughest terrains. Much like the wagon and two-door version, PARA64 tooled up some accessories for this one as well. Both benefit from the fender-mounted snorkel, while the taupe one gets a secured cap over the bed. The gray version has the rack against the rear window and a full-size spare tire mounted up. And those wheels are a new design for the LC as well, the steel-stye befitting of the more utilitarian vehicle. It’s a sharp looking model and will no doubt be popular amongst global collectors.

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The FL5 Civic Type R foregoes its street car attire for its fifth and sixth reincarnations and instead shows up in two distinctly racing suits. The less racy of the two is a miniaturized version of the 2023 Indy Pace Car while the JACCS-inspired Type R is actually based off a one-off gift from Honda France to one of their biggest customers. 

The stubby 2014 Land Cruiser LC71 goes for a splash of period graphics for its third coming. The silver and maroon short wheelbase SUVs are complemented by a wave of color along their sides. Up top, the roof rack returns and wheels are either silver or black, depending on body color. It’s a great follow-up to the Sandy Taupe and Tokyo Auto Salon, as well as Graphite grey and French Vanilla it debuted in, and will pair nicely with the original Land Cruiser released by PARA64 and the other LC in this release.

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PARA64 is one of my favorite brands to collect, both for the variety they offer to collectors and, selfishly, the less saturated pace they do it in. There will no doubt be one or two in my year-end highlight list. In fact, let me leave you with a little preview of the model I’m proud to see produced. You can read all about that one HERE.

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  1. I am pleased to see the Pantera. I will be getting the Elvis as I have seen it in person at the Peterson. I hope this also leads to a GTS version.

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