Inno64 September news : dark green Castrol Primera and R32!

Here we go again with a lot of new models from Inno64 for September. A huge load of new models and recolors but sadly not new toolings. Let’s start our tour with two racing models from the 90’s, with a Castrol theme including a beloved casting (Nissan Primera P10) and a great classic from the brand (Nissan Skyline GT-R R32).

We have seen a lot of Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 from Inno64 and I think they did a good casting, looking at the tooling lines and the treatment of the wheels. I am sure it’s a best seller in Asia, maybe less in Europe or in the USA. Nonetheless, it’s the first time (correct me if I’m wrong) that we see this 4 spokes type of wheels on this car. I cannot say many other words on this car as I absolutely did not know it’s existence neither the race it’s from, except I know pretty well Tsukuba circuit as I’ve spent hundreds of hours on it on Gran Turismo! The livery looks pretty good thought, in a nice dark green robe and Castrol sponsor livery. I’m pretty sure Inno64’s wish is to replicate every single R32 that raced on track, so be sure to have more to come (and keep waiting dear Alex, the Kenji car will come!).

The second Castrol car is the too rarely issued Nissan Primera P10, a super cool touring car! I’m ALWAYS happy when a touring car is coming and this tooling is particularly good (and we know how delicate it is to replicate a standard form car – you must see the last F&F Hot Wheels mix). After a start for a Macau special set a few years ago (Macau Giuia 1994), a brilliant blue Calsonic livery (JTCC 1994) and a white test car (1993), here is a JTCC Sugo 1994 version. How cool is that ?

If you don’t know what track Sugo is (Japan), here is a map of the track :

And what the actual car looks like :

The livery is very close to the R32 and also to the Macau version. Here, wheels are black and there is not Unisia Jecs sponsor. The Inno64 standard of finition is still very good and customer gets a very low, cambered wheels touring car in 1:64 for a price under 20$. It’s a display car, purely, and I hope it stays like this for all touring car models from the brand.

Matching liveries for those two 90’s race cars are very welcome, and can be found easily on eBay! Have a nice week and see you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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