Matchbox Monday checks out some store exclusives

I start a little tagging in extras to reports as I am slowly drifting behind again. This week, sees me going through the Walmart and Target stuff on my report, all from the VW Group. This will all be up on the Wheel Collectors website, and if you click here, it will take you to my Matchbox Monday page. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I did my monthly die-cast hunt and i achieved some success. Bought myself Matchbox Mazda Autozam Az-1, 1936 Ford Coupe and last but not least 1934 Chevy Master Coupe, so it looks like MB 2023 mix 8 is here, slowly but surely 🙂 It’s kinda sad they’ve ommited mixes 6 and 7 though. Since Feb 2023 whe had mixes 1-5 and after long wait here’s the mix 8, im hoping we will get the rest of the mixes till the end of the year. In conclusion you won’t hear from me anything positive about stretched number of mixes, it just doesn’t work, that’s about Basics, what about rest of the series, simply unavailable. shame shame shame you on Mattel.

  2. I find it amazing… I mean the fact that both Matchbox and Majorette are now being made in Thailand. We in Poland have many shoping malls, many of them are of French origin, while others are German, we also had Toys ‘R’ Us but that was long ago. Majorette is abundant here including bigger scale models, the one with flash and sound, batteries not included. Don’t get me wrong, i’m very happy that Majorette is prosperous, but it’s hard for me to swallow this pill, that despite being produced in the same country, Majorette is so much better available than Matchbox.

  3. Sorry for the late response (I’ve been away), but I have a question. I’ve read more than once that the VW type 34 was never produced as a convertible. Apparently some prototypes were built but the bodies weren’t rigid enough and it never made it into production. SO, did the Matchbox design team have access to one of the prototypes – or possibly a coupe that had been decapitated by its owner – or did they measure up a coupe and decide it would look sexier as a ragtop? Anyone out there in Matchbox or VW land know?

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