Matchbox Monday looks at the second Moving Parts batch of 2023

This week, over on the Wheel Collectors website, I am taking a little look at the second batch of Moving Parts for 2023. As was the case last year, the earlier batches of the year are quite small, with bigger assortments appearing in later batches. Hopefully in 2024, the range of models in each assortment gets to be more levelled through the year. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. You can click here to visit my Matchbox Monday page over there.

3 Replies to “Matchbox Monday looks at the second Moving Parts batch of 2023”

  1. Passable. Later mixes so much better, particularly mix 3 and 6. These are awesome. I respect the job You do for us bringing these article, much respect and thank You, i’ll gladly return to this site.

  2. Despite the fact that we have 70 yrs Anniversary this year, there’s few reasons to celebrate, in fact it’s even worse than 2022 yr was, and it was far from perfect. Shops are either empty from Matchbox or just some unsold stuff from 2022, and if there’s new stuff it’s very,very limited, scarce, like some of the 2023 1-100 models but not all mixes and that’s it, the rest of the series including Moving Parts is completely unavailable 🙁 I’m doing my best each month, hoping that this time hunting will be fruitful, usually it’s with mixed results though. I don’t get it, there are Matchbox tv ads, but when you go to the store pegs are empty. Now who’s fault is this ?

    1. In the UK we don’t even have advertising of Matchbox….. Tbh we don’t have much to celebrate either.
      It’s as though this product and line ups don’t exist…..
      I hope you find something good or unique in your country in due cause.

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