The recolors of the Z : Fairlady Z32 and S30, by Inno64

Of course Inno64 is making JDM stuff, and they should as far as their first market is Asian collectors. Two new colors are on the market now, with an Oxford grey metallic for the Z32 and an orange with carbon bonnet for the S30.

Two rather discreet news from Inno64 but surely not to miss, if you like the history of the Z. It might be the 6th color of the Fairlady Z32 and the 7th ou 8th for the S30. You’re not forced to buy them all, on my own I like to have a mix on display.

The Z32 is obviously a nice casting, not easy to tool with it’s strange proportions. As we know, the casting is good and is wearing this time a nice and discreet grey metallic color. It might not be the most exciting Z around, but surely a nice one thanks to the quality of the paint. Standard wheels that are fine with me (you have a second set of wheels and tires under the box if you want to modify the look of the car) matching perfectly the discreet grey standard look of this classic Japanese GT.

The orange S30 is quite a surprise. I did not remember it was coming and the orange color is just perfect for this car. This one will go on display for sure. I adore the carbon fender extensions (the quality is amazing). The grey of the wheels, mirrors and bumpers are a bit too plastic-like and I don’t know why (or if it is on purpose).

Anyway, I’m pleased with these two new recolors of classic JDM Fairlady Z’s that I encourage you to have if you want to complete your Z collection.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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