Cosworth family grows, part II : Ford Escort RS street by Inno64

Here is part II of our Ford Escort RS Cosworth tour with the review of the street versions in blue and white. Inno64 loves making 2 colors of each new release straight away and as a beginning, collectors can have an iconic blue and a white colors. But it’s not it : each color is coming with a different type of wheels – standard or OZ rally racing wheels – and left or right hand drive. Which makes 8 different versions of the street Ford Escort RS Cosworth ! Amazing eh?

It was a strong demand with the previous Cosworth release (Ford Sierra) to have custom OZ wheels and it happened in a big way with the Escort RS. The right and left hand drive is quite a surprise.

Both colors come with authentic licence plates (UK version or French version, or classic Escort RS on it). I can guarantee as I’ve been consulted that the French licence plate is correct and matches a licence plate from a 1993 car. I love this attention to details.

As far as I love the rally versions previously reviewed, I’m in total love with the street versions. I adore the blue with white OZ wheels but I also adore the standard prototypical wheels. The look is totally different between both. The standard grey wheels are very detailed and Inno64 took care about the shape of them (the wheels are quite rounded and their design “go inside” the wheel). You can find Inno64 Ford Escort RS Cosworth on eBay easily!

These Escort RS Cosworth are surely a big hit and should please many collectors from Europe and specially UK. It’s a perfect companion to the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. More to come with probably red and dark green colors, or maybe plain grey ?

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. This is a stunning model! I’m a big British Ford fan and this is easily amongst my top 5 favourites. If only these hobby brands were easily available here and not so damn expensive to import, leaving me to drool over these photos, and relegating me to ol’ Hot Wheels.

    Speaking of which, I wish the recent Hot Wheels Boulevard Escort looked like this (especially the blue version) rather than the rally livery. Hot Wheels needs to take notes, cause this is how you do an Escort Cosworth! I also think it was a missed opportunity to not make it RHD, but I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker. What I will definitely credit Hot Wheels for, is the WRC bits built into the casting, like the roll cage and side exhaust. I love it when they do aftermarket touches like that.

    Anyway, I digress. Thank you for this showcase! This will be a model I will be looking out for if I find it at a reasonable price.

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