Cosworth family grows, part I: Ford Escort RS rally by Inno64

There it is! Finally some new European cars from Inno64 and look how cool they are. The Cosworth family grows and what a joy it is. It is time for me to review for our Lamley readers this new tooling, coming as usual in two liveries (and please also count plain street Cosworth Escort RS in blue and white, that we will review later).

A new racing car from Inno64 is always a blast, but I think it is even more when it’s a rally car. There is a lot of demand from collectors to have more rally cars coming and what is cool with a brand like Inno64 – focused on details and realism – is that most of the time, you get a lot of details for a reasonable price. In this case, both cars have a lot of details and extra pieces you would except to find on a Safari rally car or a night version of an asphalt rally car.

It is very welcome that a brand like Inno64 focuses on European cars, and I would say mid 90’s cars. After the excellent release of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, it was pretty easy to see the Escort RS Cosworth coming. But it’s even better to have it in hand. As a start, Inno64 is bringing two rally versions with iconic liveries : Michelin Pilot in blue/yellow from 1994 Manx International Rally (happening on Isle of Man) and Repsol Safary Rally Kenya from 1996 with driver Carlos Sainz!

The Escort RS Cosworth chosen by Inno64 is the first gen (without the oval grill) and can be seen as the successor of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. This car has been racing in Group A rally and has a pretty nice pedigree. The street versions (reviewed later) will be as usual more or less homologation cars. You can find the Escort RS Cosworth on eBay.

The Pilot Michelin livery from 1994 Manx International Rally is my favorite of the lot. I like the amount of details on Safary versions but a more “tarmac” configuration will always have my vote. Plus, Michelin is a French tires company and this livery is in my mind since childhood. I think I had a plastic kit to build of this car but I’m not sure … Anyway, this car and this livery is a favorite and bring a lot of memories. Like me, you maybe had Matchbox and Majorette versions of the Escort. Now it’s time to enjoy this car that became a legend, and add it to my premium collection.

I’m very impressed by the quality of the tampo. I still don’t know if they paint the car in full blue and add yellow with decals of paint it both. The results is very neat and impressive. But I’m even more impressed by the quality of the big night headlights that really make the car looking damn cool, and also agressive. Night versions are always winners. The incrustation of the 4 lights ramp is very well done such as the 2 fog lights under. The rear spoiler is also perfectly assembled. I just would have loved a car lowered to the max, like first Inno64 car were, but you know, it has to roll …

All in all, the mold is very satisfying and I had the chance, once again, to give some thoughts during the development of the car. I had underlined some very important points that in my opinion are perfectly well done : wide fenders, massive rear spoiler, rounded rear window and the 3 little attached points on the glass, and while the rear window id rounded, the driver/passenger ones are square! All in the details but in the end you have a very nice looking Escort RS and not just another mold made by a big company used for different scales (…).

The Safary Kenya 1996 will probably be a very big hit among collectors and it is perfectly understandable. These kinds of versions are super detailed with additional extra pieces like the snorkel, bull bars, lights on the fenders and reflective windows for direct sunlight. I just think the cars seats a little too low (lol!) for a Safary version.

Regarding the livery, Repsol is obviously a legendary rainbow of orange, red and blue associated to Carlos Sainz, another legend from rally! I’m waiting a tarmac version.

Anyway, those Ford Escort RS Cosworth are obviously the best you can find on the market for a very reasonable price. A lot of details, all licensed, and I’m sure more to come.

See you soon for a review of the blue and white street versions.


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