Matchbox Monday hitches up and hauls some rigs

It is time for another weekly report, which is now up on the Wheel Collectors website. The batch C working Rigs for 2022 are also courtesy of Wheel Collectors, as they don’t sell them in the UK.

But I doubled up again with another small batch of Hitch & Haul, which are also not sold in the UK. But I needed a little more help in obtaining these. They were not easy to get. The article can be read if you follow this link to the blog pages. I hope you enjoy it. I also included another small dive back into my collection at the end. I try and pad things out. Enjoy.

6 Replies to “Matchbox Monday hitches up and hauls some rigs”

  1. Real Working Rigs are nice but price enough not to consider them in my collection instead i want to focus on other series such as collectors or 9 packs, maybe they should consider introducing retro trucks ? That would be awesome ! When it comes to Hitch’n’Haul, to give it more attraction by introducing more licensed models, definitely.

  2. I achieved success during my February’s die-cast hunt, thanks to Majorette that is, when it comes to Matchbox nothing new, distribution is far worse than it was last year (far from perfect anyway), what a joke, i know Polish market is of lesser importance, i know, i know, they wish to focus on big markets such as U.S.A and Canada maybe UK to some lesser extent (70 anniversary this year), sad reality is Matchbox is becoming non existence, and it is becoming obvious each passing month.

  3. Matchbox is fading away from market each passing month, i decided to start collecting modern Matchbox in 2022, but was unaware how hard it is to find them at the retail stores, now i know 🙁 Many series were unavailable at all : Jurassic Park, Convoy, Skybusters, Collectors, 9 packs, country series, excluding Retro series (US exclusive ?)

  4. My dream is someone buys Matchbox brand, someone that cares, and guess what, like a miracle, distribution would be so much better than what we have now. One can only dream.

  5. Such a shame they’re focusing on the markets that doesn’t care, THEY DONT. North American markets care about hw only.

  6. Nice review David! Card art isn’t an issue for a DLMer, right? Yet Lamley’s writing about Matchbox 70 anniversary cards on LamLey.
    And in that vein, why the schism with you? Why is Matchbox Monday on Wheel Collectors now? Why is Lambert delving into his “Matchbox collection” like you do with such expert precision? Something seems amiss in the Lamley “household” Any reason for this apparent split? Your blog comments on Matchbox cannot be replaced by Lambert!


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