Matchbox Monday heads over to Japan twice more

This week sees me tackling 2 different types of Japanese subseries. First off, we have batch B of the Japanese exclusive Moving Parts series.

And the Walmart exclusive (in the USA, available in other countries too) Japan Origins, also batch B. One set of models with opening features, another without anything that opens. But all Japanese. As usual, these are now on the Wheel Collectors website, and you can click here to go directly to my blog page to see all the reports I post there. I hope you enjoy it. I themed my little dive back at the end to fit in as well.

9 Replies to “Matchbox Monday heads over to Japan twice more”

  1. I used to liked to visit Lamley on yt, but i don’t anymore. Why would i ? hw this, hw that, no love for Matchbox, only trash called hw, it’s a waste of time.

  2. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, is it really ?, to me it’s just a lame excuse to accept mediocrity. Hot wheels = mediocrity especially when compared to Majorette, Siku and Tomica. People prefer them over hw, as soon as Matchbox, Majorette or Siku show up they won’t hang on the pegs that long

    1. Yes, Matchbox will still continue on at Tesco. As to which of the ranges they take, I am not 100% sure. The next reset is due imminently (in the next month or so) so we will see what shows on the shelf space then.

  3. Sadly I haven’t been able to get to Morrison’s.
    Does anybody know which batch or what they stock?. I bet the prices are more than Tesco’s!..
    That’s good news to hear for Morrison’s.
    I hope more outlet’s start stocking in due cause and offer 70 years promotion.
    My local area Tesco’s is on last year’s batch E and odd 5 packs.
    Sadly no 9 packs for a year or more. Best of UK just came and went with hardly no supply early last year. That’s a big Tesco to supply this brand for a city…. No coverage or main stage for this brand here which is a shame. As again I hope the 70 birthday for this brand get advertised here in the UK with some kind Mini or Capri….and more outlet’s like Hotwheels…..

  4. Batch A of Matchbox ’23 are in my local Entertainer at £2.40. Nice to see them and who knows, maybe they’ll eventually do the same with them as for HW by selling 3 for 2. Ever hopeful. Tesco are now selling last year’s MB at £2 a pop and I’m nowhere near a Morrison’s.

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