Matchbox Monday begins the 2022 Batch E

Another week, another article now being published over on the Wheel collectors website. This week, I make a start on batch E of the 2022 basic range. With batch F already out, and batch A of 2023 starting to appear, I am noticing I am falling behind again. It does look like I will have to start doubling up on content a little to attempt to catch up. Or skip things. I don’t want to skip things. You will find the new article appearing at some point on Monday (we are still to work out how to get them published at the expected time, different software being the culprit). So click here, and hopefully it will be ready for you to read. Enjoy.

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  1. Let’s face it, distribution is awful at best.Some stores offers mix 4 like it was revelation or something. Where’s mix 5 ?

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