Inno64 Shell exhibition kiosk : a colorful new diorama

Well, here is another diorama 1/64 set made by Inno64 on Shell theme and as a collab with Tiny Hong Kong. The set is coming with a classic booth as we know it (like the precedent RWB sets) but new flags and an additional floor map to exhibit more cars. Two exclusives Shell cars come with it : he Nissan Sunny Hakotora and the NSX (NA1) Pandem Rocket Bunny.

As you probably know if you follow a little my articles, this kind of set is not my cup of tea, particularly when it is a non-meaning collab and when it is featuring cars I have no interest in. But, I did shoot the set and the cars and I must say that it is OK. Not my cup of tea, but OK. It is nicely done and it could be a nice addition for diorama fans, or Shell fans (if they do exist?).

The booth is OK and comes without figures. I like the flags and the quality of the floor maps. Regarding the cars, The Sunny truck is coming with two barrels. The NSX is really nice in this color scheme. Wheels are super detailed.

There is not much more things to say about it, except enjoying some photos. The set is rather colorful and brings nice colors and life to the photos. I appreciate the reflective aspect of the floor. This set and the cars can be easily found on eBay!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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