Lamley Daily: Mini GT Lancia Delta Martini

Model: Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione

Release: #322 1992 Rally 1000 Lakes Winner

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Why I’m featuring it: It’s been a while since I wrote about a Mini GT. I’d been waiting for a while for the Delta to arrive and it turned up recently in a catch-up box from Tokyo Station. It’s great to see Mini GT get the Lancia license. In addition to the Delta, they have a Stratos casting just out. Hopefully there’s more to come – if anyone’s listening, I’d like to see a rally Fulvia please!

I have a decent collection of Lancia rally cars, including a few other Martini releases. You can read all about them in a previous article, so I won’t repeat myself, but I was interested to see how this new casting compares with my older CM’s Deltas.

1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo (Credit: Stellantis)

Before we get to that, let’s look at this new model more closely. The first release, #300, came in a non-specific, presentation-spec Martini Racing scheme like the car above. I decided to wait for the second one, #322, which represents Didier Auriol’s 1000 Lakes (Rally Finland)-winning car from 1992.

The proportions of the casting are great, and the decoration looks spot-on compared with the period photographs I’ve seen, although it’s a shame the red printing on the front wings/fenders and the bonnet/hood doesn’t quite blend. The wheels are a good match and I’ll take a roller every time. I think the ride height is too low for the 1000 Lakes – more tarmac-spec than gravel – but if you look for pictures of the car in its current guise (I believe it’s with Rally Replay in the UK) then it matches the model. Magnified in the image above, the Delta appears to have a gap under the side window trim, but it’s invisible at actual size.

Here’s the Mini GT Integrale Evo with an earlier Group A Delta from my collection, the CMs model of Miki Biasion’s 1989 Monte Carlo-winning 8V machine. The sharp-eyed will notice that this also has Auriol and co-driver Bernard Occelli’s names over the front arch, even though they drove the #6 on that occasion!

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The later, Integrale Evo’s bodywork changes, including wider flared arches and the rear spoiler, are visible in the comparison between the two. Both are nominally 1:64 and are exactly the same length, but the Mini GT is heavier.

It’s not really a fair fight, but here’s the Mini GT with the latest release of the Hot Wheels Delta Integrale. You can see the size difference. I think Ryu Asada did a good job with this model but it benefits from the switch from 10-spokes to AeroDisc wheels this time around.

Tarmac Works also has a Delta on the way, having made such a great job recently of the Rally 037 (more on that here). It’ll be interesting to see how it compares, although part of me wishes the premium 1:64 manufacturers would stop reproducing the same subjects.

I’ll leave you with another two-for-one, this time of the Mini GT with the CMs Group B Delta S4. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Had this model, so excited for the alternate versions with the wheel protector and hopefully different liveries.
    Tarmac seems to be going all in on Group B eh? 037 and soon rs2000/S4, both would have probably opening parts too.

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