Lamley Daily: Mercury Fiat 697

Ok so I know I’ve covered Mercury diecast a few times now here on Lamley. Thing is I adore them, and I’m always hunting for the unique (or in most cases the cheapest!) pieces to add to my hoard. The most recent addition that arrived is this Fiat 697 rather resplendent in the original packaging.

The 697 was a commercial truck built by Fiat’s Veicoli Industriali (or Fiat VI) industrial arm and was produced between 1970 and 1980, though in South America (where the truck proved immensely popular) production continued until 1994. Powered by a colossal 13 litre straight-six diesel engine producing 260bhp (and 900nm at only 900rpm!) the 697 was available in a raft of different variants from tractor unit to tipper. From what I can gather the 697 moniker was reserved exclusively to 3 axle trucks and I couldn’t find any reference to a road train variant like the Mercury model. The Fiat 619 however was the identical 2 axle sister of the 697 and was available as a roadtrain, so perhaps the designation is an error? Maybe someone can put me right.

The model itself is very simple in its construction, with a minimum of pieces used to cut down on costs. There’s no interior visible behind the windows and there’s pretty much no detailing whatsoever but the casting is very accurate, replicating the trademark Fiat “Baffo” cabin of the 619/697 series perfectly. “Baffo” is Italian for mustache and referred to the distinctive front bumper which was a necessity due to Italian road regulations.

The trailer and load covers are both removable which would have added to the “playability” and no doubt many Italian children had a lot of fun with these toys.

I’m not sure exactly on scale but I’d say it’s close to 1/72. Like many other toy brands, trucks were sold as part of a broader “3 inch” line up.

It would make a great addition to a collector of working vehicles or trucks as well as just for people like me who collect anything and everything. Rare factor is guaranteed either way and resale values are only ever going up on these things.

A great addition to my collection and one that I thoroughly enjoyed building an article around. That old Lamley phrase “tranquil collecting” is very appropriate here….

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3 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Mercury Fiat 697”

  1. Alex, that is fantastic, congratulations! I never heard of this manufacturer before. In style very similar to Matchbox’s Mercedes-Benz LP truck and trailer (MB-1 and MB-2 from the Regular Wheel era, but the later transitional and Superfast versions of two packs are great too.) If you like trucks from the era, similar to this Fiat, look for the Dutch EFSI / Holland Oto Mercedes-Benz LPs and NGs. You’re going to love them!

    1. Thanks Sam! I see the similarities with the Matchbox Mercedes LP also. I’ve covered an EFSI Fiat van on Lamley in the past, their models are great!

      1. Hello Alex, another great find. I see your first commenter made the same observation which was immediately obvious to me : the Matchbox Mercedes truck & trailer which launched in 1967 or so and made the leap to Superfast in 1970. I actually own the Superfast truck but the trailer eludes me. The only Mercury castings I have in my collection are Hachette/Atlas reproductions. The real ones are much too expensive! My favorite is the Fiat 1300/1500. Most likely because it reminds me of the Matchbox toy from the 60s. Matchbox left a permanent impression on UK and Ami boys. 🙂 Best to you and happy collecting …

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