Championdjk’s Diecast Weekly Episode breaks the one hour mark as he gushes over the latest Z casting from Inno64

You can watch the episode here, or you can just scroll through these pics of these beautiful 1/64 scale models.

For some reason this particular car has taken a very long time to be properly replicated in 1/64 scale. Sure there are a few Hot Wheels models that look great. However, they are not true to scale and are not made to look proportionately accurate to the real deal. There have been several other diecast brands that have attempted this car and they have fallen short in my opinion.

As far as I can tell, this new casting from Inno64 is the most accurately done 1/64 scale diecast 240z.

So far there are two versions out and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

I purchased these from SURPLUSgoodies, and it is obvious that I recommend that you snag them up if you are a fan of this car.

Just check out the pictures below and take in the high level of detail that went into this casting.

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