Orange and black is the new black: Tarmac x Minichamps Porsche 911 GT3 RS

When I first saw this car on the pages of Auto Express as a 16 year old I was absolutely smitten. Orange is my favourite colour, and the bright “Porsche Pure Orange” paint of the press car had me drawn to the car instantly. And when I saw the other paint options available I was already adding all of them to my lottery winning dream garage. One of my favourites after the orange was the silver with Pure Orange side stripes and wheels. Infact it was the favourite. I had a photo of one as my desktop background. And then there was the black/orange combination, which featured on the GT3 RS on a poster on my bedroom wall. Still, all these years and so many more 911s later the 997 GT3 is one of my all time favourite 911s. Of course it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever even drive let alone own one. But thanks to Tarmac and Minichamps, I can add one to my miniature dream garage.

The two brands have collaborated to produce all three of my favourite colour combinations in 1/64, with the ultra gorgeous silver/orange being the limited edition piece. I gunned for the silver but managed to grab the black version and I’m more than made up.

Minichamps are making their return to 1/64 with a flurry of Porsches. I’ve already introduced you to the 992 911 GT3 and the 935/19 and the 997 fits right in with ease with the help of Tarmac.

It’s a fantastic little model and in 1/64 scale actually seems quite dainty. The colour combination that attracted me as a teenager looks just as good in miniature too thanks to quality paint and decals.

And it rolls. And rolls well. But that doesn’t bother me one bit. Hell, even if it didn’t roll I’d not be bothered. The attention to detail is superb.

This is physical proof of why Minichamps were so sorely missed when they vacated the 1/64 world. And it’s also physical proof of just how strong their comeback is. Let’s hope they’re here to stay, this next chapter is already looking promising.

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(Find the black/orange GT3 RS on the Tarmac store and check out the Ebay listings for the Tarmac x Minichamps 911 to find the silver/orange special edition and the orange/black)

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  1. I’m fairly sure these are just repaints of the green 997 GT3 RS they issued back in 2010. That wasn’t bad, but the 992 GT3 models they’ve released are really much better.

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