Quick Look: Hot Wheels’ Premium Behemoth: The Rocket Oil

When Hot Wheels had their retail premium line, most of the cars were… reasonable in size, you could say. Nothing bigger than you’d normally expect, anyway. Yea a lot of the Cadillacs were quite long, but that’s what you get when you’re trying to accurately portray land yachts. The Rocket Oil, however, is a bit different…

An original design, the casting is designed to be an old school super tanker truck. And trust me this thing is HEAVY. Opening roof, 6 axles, and even the gas pump nozzle, this giant caught many collectors by surprise and was an instant hit when it came out a bit over 20 years ago. This was the first release, done in the Designer Dreamz 2 car set for the Cool Collectibles line in 2000. Unfortunately for collectors, it only received one other release at retail. Otherwise it was reserved for a few HWC/RLC releases (including a Gulf release in 2015), some conventions, and a few other special editions (including a quite rare Troy Lee Designs release). However, to me, none of those have been as iconic as this debut.

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