Are you more drift or tuning ? The latest news of June, by Inno64

Here is the final round of the June novelties from Inno64, with some tuning cars and drift cars. Let’s have a quick look at those 5 new models before we head to the news of the summer.

The cars I am featuring for you today are clearly not my cup of tea, but I will try to do my best. I prefer street and racing cars better than drift and tuning, but I know a lot of you love those kitted cars.

First, I want to congrat the brand for offering very nicely detailed bases for the Pandem cars and in this case a Drift machine. The aluminum treatment is very qualitative and way better than the classic black baseplate.

So, Inno64 is releasing another Pandem “By WD Ultimate” in a rather sharp metal grey with red decoration. We know this casting is good. It’s low, it’s wide and detailed. A good one.

My favorite of the batch is definitely this FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 2019 Nissan Silvia (S14) Rocket Bunny sporting nice white wheels and wearing a nice brilliant green and blue robe. This car do exists, you can Google it. I’m just wondering if the wheels are correct.

After my favorite model of this batch, let’s have a look at the probably ugliest Inno64 so far. Jesus, what is this ? A strange recolor for the really good casting NSX R-GT to say the least. Sometimes, molds need to be monetized. For once, looking at my pictures, I must admit that the model looks better in picture than in real life. You can still swap the wheels if you like to.

Civic fans will be happy to add to their collection another iteration of the Honda Civic in Osaka Racing Team from Auto Messe 2019 with a figure of a women holding a sign. As I’ve said many times before, this mold is good and well catches the lines of the Civic, better than Hobby Japan or even Tomica Limited Vintage.

Finally, the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE85 returns with a carbon fiber touch on the doors. The doors don’t match the hood color, bit it’s normal. The carbon effect looks good. Then, you like it or not. The model id featuring the headlights in open position, which is cool.

All these models can be found on eBay at regular prices!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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